Friday, December 10, 2010

Task Master

"Stay on task, stay on task!" This is often heard in educational circles. We want the kids to stay on task. At home, I often have a "To Do List" and I like to plow through each task so I can check it off. It feels good to get stuff done! In order to get stuff done though, I feel like I need a good pair of blinders and good momentum.
Even as a follower of Christ, when God has laid something out before me, I start creating a list of how I am going to accomplish it. I start doing this and that, I at times I feel like I am spinning my wheels and it is easy to get frustrated. And then the Holy Spirit whispers to me, "Don't stay on task, stay on Jesus!"

O Lord,
This day I submit to you my time, my thoughts, my strength, and all that is me to you!