Monday, February 28, 2011


One word that we cherish as Americans that is not mentioned, but implied in these verses is the word Freedom. The word “Freedom” gets thrown around like a frisbee on a college campus when Christians talk about their faith in Christ and has just as many different shapes and colors as frisbees. Does it mean we are free to sin as we please? Does being a Christian give me Carte Blanche, so I can do anything because Jesus will forgive me? It says that nothing can separate me from the Love of God? Right?
Paul spells out very clearly, what we are “free” from. He reminds us of how we were slaves to sin. Our thoughts, our actions had one end in mind, death. We were bound to death by our own selfishness and lusts for the material world. We sought for joy where joy could not be found. We tried to erase our loneliness with people who just reminded us of how lonely we are. We tried to buy joy and wear happiness, but deep inside we knew it was all a mirage. Oh how we just wanted to be accepted, loved, cherished! We were nothing but God loved us still and sent His son to die, so we can live. Yet Paul remind us that as we identify with Christ’s death through our baptism, that our old self dies and we are raised to a new life in Jesus Christ. The power that resurrected Jesus from the grave now resides in me, you, all of those who have declared Jesus as Lord of their Life.  We are now free to be transformed by God. We are free from all the world’s expectations. We are free to not sin. We are free to experience true Joy and Peace only found in our Lord Christ Jesus. We are free from death.