Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bigger than we know!

Praise the Lord! We will be staying in Rochester this summer! We are very humbled and thankful for Browncroft Community Church! Our hearts have been extremely warmed by the encouraging notes, prayers, and continuous financial support! The months before us are full of mystery as we know not exactly what God has in store for us. Yet, we are excited to walk in the Power of His Blood as we continue to follow where He leads and bear witness to His work in the lives around us! We are blessed to spend more time in Rochester so we can spend more time with our friends and families here as we continue to pray for God’s  Atoning power to be made known in the lives of all we come into contact! Anika, Titus and Elise are also very excited to stick around and enjoy their friends and family! 
With our departure delay, we will be able to slow down a little and regain some strength and sanity as we shortly resume preparations to pack, finishing up left over orientation work, and other numerous loose ends that need tying. In addition, we will also have some time to possibly make some road trips to see family and friends as they get married or make over due reunions. In the mean time, Kevin has applied for local jobs since he won’t be teaching summer school and we wait to see what the Lord has on store for us. 
Amy and I are continuing to grow and learn how to totally trust our Lord and Savior for all things! And to “seek His Kingdom First” and not our own. We completely trust we will get to Kenya when God wants us to get out there and in the meanwhile we continue to faithfully serve Him where ever we are, for God’s work is everywhere and we take great joy in being poured out for our Lord!
I had mentioned before that this journey looks a lot like trying to climb Mt. Everest, but my friends, we may have only seen the tip of the iceberg!
We continue to pray for all of you and that you would continuously grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Grace and Power of our Lord and Savior!
In Christ, 
 The Wells Family