Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Deer, oh Deer!

So Saturday was a very interesting day. First of all, we had a baby shower for my sister. While the ladies had fun with the baby shower, the boys, Kevin and Josh (Bro-in-law) had their own shower while they watched Gabe's football game as he played Alfred University in the pouring rain. It finally dried up around half time and in the end, St. John Fisher got rolled over like fresh sod. Later that evening, Gabe, Josh, and Kevin enjoyed some wings. Around 7:30pm Kevin got a call from his bro Joe. Joe, his wife Karen, and their son Devon were stranded due to their car breaking down. They were 1 hour from Rochester and 2 hours from home. Kevin drove down "deer" alley to go pick up his bro and his family to drive them home. The roads were pretty quiet and Kevin was nursing a "Rockstar" energy drink he got earlier from the football game. Any way all of a sudden, a big buck runs across the highway! Kevin swerved quickly and carefully, and thankfully missed the deer! Phew! Many prayers of thanks went up to God! Let me tell you, energy drinks  has nothing on a shot of adrenaline after narrowly missing a disaster! So thankfully the rest of the trip went with out incident.
After getting home on Sunday, I talked to my sister in law, and was telling her about my trip. She told me that she was so afraid that I would hit a deer and that she was praying for me all night! Wow, I was amazed!
If the Spirit would compel a sister in Christ to pray over a deer and that we avoided hitting a deer, what more should we be praying for! Was that deer a dart from the devil? We should keep our families and friends in continual prayer for, Satan is a prowling lion looking to devour. Thankfully, our God has conquered death! Thankfully, we have nothing to fear! "Do not let your hearts be troubled, for I have overcome the world!"


  1. Praise God! Both brothers and their families are safe tonight, and Kevin and Joe continue to serve the God they love with the helpmates God has blessed them with. I very much like reading these kinds of posts~


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