Monday, January 17, 2011

Only Six more months...

We got an email the other day from AIM saying that they have flight reservations for us on July 14th, 2011! Wow, what an email! That was very encouraging! As the new year begins, we are excited with anticipation to see God's mighty hand at work! Everyday is a step closer until we leave our world as we know it and venture to new ones.  We are continually reminded and encouraged that God is good and that He is in charge! We are encouraged by you as you pray for us and as you so generously give as God leads! We are humbled by your gracious giving and give thanks to God for you and that He would continue to bless and be glorified by you! We are very, very close to reaching our outgoing funds goal and our monthly support also continues to grow!

This month, we have also started an online course that we have been working on diligently. This is part of the required spiritual development before we go, but have been extremely blessed by the discussions and articles.
Also, big news, our house is finally on the market and we know God will work out the details! We are working with an agent who goes to our church and we are thankful to be partnered with a sister in Christ!

I must say, God is at work, the Harvest is ripe but the workers are few, and we pray that God will continue to send out workers!

We pray for you and appreciate your prayers as well.

Love the Wells Family!

PS, We have been asked by Browncroft to write some devotional for their Route 365 Bible Reading Plan, you can reads Kevin's article's this week and Amy's come up later. All the devotionals are thought provoking and provide a nice spiritual snack.

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