Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pretty Ugly

I was blog surfing the other day and found a blog that had a lot of photos. Scanning the pages, there were a lot of photos of clothes, different rooms of a house, accessories including Rolex watches and designer hand bags and finally people who you might see in fashion magazine. You got a sense that the photographer had an idea of what they thought was beautiful. I mean, why else take photos but to try and capture something beautiful. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, such that each soul finds beauty in different things. Maybe a sun set. White sands, palm trees, and bright yellow sun. Mountain Valleys. Hot Red Farrari. Movie stars. Women. Men. Coach bag, Rolex watch. Ballet. Filet Mignon. Cup Cakes. Something beautiful
Why are we drawn to certain things? Why do some women obsessed with fashion? Why are some men obsessed with cars? Why are others obsessed with working out or dieting? Why are some obsessed with this hobby or that? Why do they spend so much time chasing this or seeking that? It is because each of us, you and me, seek out things that are beautiful. We want to some how obtain a part of the beauty that one thing might possess. We want to consume the beauty, we want to experience the beauty. We recognize a lack of beauty in our selves. Yet, what we find is, that like eating a McDonald’s, not such a value meal, it looks so great but after consuming we are still left unsatisfied. Is there true beauty?  
So what is beauty? Something beautiful is valuable. It is something that is good. Something worth working for. Something worth sacrificing for. You would abandon all others to get a grasp. Something bigger and greater than our selves. What would you do to obtain that which you think is beautiful? Unfortunately, we have a false sense of what beauty is. First deception is that beauty in its self is the goal or end, in what ever form. Second, often what we think is beautiful has no intrinsic value or any lasting satisfaction. Beauty is constantly fleeing. We can never catch up because this beauty we chase is really a mirage.  
True Beauty exists but we may not be able to see it. God created the universe, the Earth, the water, land, plants, animals, and humans. We learn if we read Genesis, that they were all good, they were all beautiful. They were beautiful not because of how they shined but because they were reflections of God’s awesomeness and Beauty. Everything God made is good. All good things from God are good, are beautiful. 
Even Lucifer was the most beautiful angel and he thought because of his greatness, he could be better than God. Now Satan has introduced a false beauty. In Genesis, when Satan tempts Eve, it refers to Eve seeing the fruit as pleasing to the eye and good to eat. Satan had promised them they would be wise and like God. But they would soon find out how empty that promises would be. From then on, humanity’s sense of beauty has been skewed. 
So what is true beauty? I watched a TV show last year called True Beauty where they explore the inner beauty of attractive people. I think they were getting a glimpse of what true beauty is. When David was being anointed as future king, Samuel scoffed, but God said, “Man looks on the outside, but I look at the heart.” Paul also said, “How beautiful are the feet of those that bring the gospel.” So here we get a different picture of what is truly beautiful. God is true beauty. Life in Christ is truly beautiful! People who share the Life giving Good news are beautiful! The only way to experience True Beauty is to look to Christ.

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  1. Very good post, and you are so right. Jack Lalanne died today after 90 some years of being a fitness guru. I don't know anything about his belief in an afterlife or faith in Jesus, but I do know he sure liked to pose for pictures of himself as a fit man. Until he died he was the PICTURE of health, but like all us mortals, Jack did die.His body will become dust eventually and what will all those years of focusing on fitness and physical appearance have garnered him in the scope of eternity if Jack did not consider this and accept our Savior?


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