Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New thought for the day.

A pastor at the church we go to posted blogged about how he had two buckets: 1. God Bucket and 2. Everything else Bucket. Basically, he was saying His quiet times with God, his praying, his meditating, studying, etc. was all done in separation to his family and home. This got me thinking as well because I can read and pray and help other people and minister to those who need it, but when I am with my wife and kids, I find my self doing things and saying things that aren't always loving. I can get very impatient, very selfish, and sometimes a bit grumpy. I am thinking to myself, something is not right! I should not be acting this way. So this week, one of my prayers was, God show me anything else I need to give up. Well, I felt He definitely answered after a decent night sleep. We can read scripture, pray all day, help our neighbor, but if we don't love, then what? I do need to grow in the different spiritual disciplines, but I also need to take on the Character of Christ. He was humble, patient, kind, gentle, not easily angered or impatient, sounds a lot like the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians. I need to give up my character, because it is not good enough. Christ's character is enough and I can take on His character through the Holy Spirit! Does not Christ dwell in me? So should His character, not mine. Our families are the ultimate test of character. It is also the ultimate window into the people we really are. Isn't that what they say about character, its what we do when no one is looking? Well, what happens between the walls of my house are only witnessed by a small hand full. So should I not put on Christ there too? God kept reminding me, deny your self and pick up your cross and follow me! Be slow to anger, be kind, gentle, long suffering, keeper of no wrongs. Its not that 1 Corithians is just a great wedding verse, but it is a picture of the character of Christ.  Let us submit our character to God so that He may give us the Character of Christ!

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