Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breaking Point...

Remember as a kid when you found a rubber band and you would slowly pull it to see how far you can stretch it before it breaks? Well thats how it is at times as followers of Christ. God takes us beyond our physical limitations at times to show us our weaknesses and our need to trust wholly in Christ. I believe our preparation to go to Kenya is just the beginning to something much bigger and God is molding us for His purposes. He puts us to the fire to burn off the dross, to burn off the stuff we think may be important or even consider as a strength, to burn off ideas and assumptions we hold that are not of Christ. To determine what we really do believe and if we will act according to the words Christ has spoken. To burn away areas of pride or contempt so that we may wholly offer our selves to our Lord for His purposes. "Deny thy self and pick up your cross and follow me." All of us who consider Christ our Lord are called for His purposes no matter where we are or where we may go. Whether at home or over the big blue, do we truly recognize Christ as Lord? Will I take him at His word? Will I allow Christ to infiltrate every square inch of my soul or will I hold back? Oswald Chambers put it beautifully, "But when His life as been created in me by His redemption, I instantly recognize His right to absolute authority over me." When we have "experienced" Christ, we would/will sell everything to follow Him.
God is not in a hurry, He has a totally different time frame than we do, but if we submit to His will we will find an awesome life filled with mystery and awe as we witness the redeeming power of God in the lives of those around us! "Seek and you shall find, Ask and it shall be given, if anybody lacks anything, ask..."
To God be the glory and Honor, who is Worthy of all praise!

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  1. You are expressing words of wisdom from Him, words of wisdom for life, words of wisdom we should heed. We love you ! ( Oswald Chambers is an author worth reading for any & all )


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