Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ode to Thee

Oh Lord how tired you know that I am! But you fill me up with you! The true bread and the true wine! Temptation to embrace self knocks at the door, but Christ remains to remind me that which is impossible to man is possible for Him. How quickly and easily we forget the kindness and grace that is bestowed upon us hour by hour. How is it that I forget to bestow the same that dwelleth in me to the ones who I say I love so much. Fatigue clouds the memory and one quickly falls back to survivor mode. Eyes narrow and the mind cinches. The serpent tongue begins to fork and flames begin to flicker. Bite thy tongue and cling to the cross with all your might. Don't not look back and do not give up but allow your self to fall into the great deep, the deep, deep love of Jesus that no one can fathom but yet when one has only waded in the shallowest part, one can not deny. A pearl of great price that one would sell or spend anything to swim in that deep. Often we think that God will suffocate us but when we let go, if we take the step of faith, when we step out into the raging sea, we find that God is in absolute control and even though we may feel like we are free falling, we also know that God is Solid, Rock solid and His great love dispels any hint of fear.  I land on solid ground. Enemies surround me yet I do not fear because I am not alone, God as already gone before me and the war is won. What is the worst that can happen? Take my life? Take my family? Take my health? All that I need is in Christ. None but thee, oh Lord, there is none but thee!

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